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Committees & Outside Representatives


Planning Committee

Cllr. Bryant (Chairman)

Cllr. Coles

Cllr. Bowie


Finance Committee                               

Cllr. Bowie

Cllr Bryant

Cllr Clayton

Open Spaces Committee


Cllr Clayton

Cllr Baker-Anderson

Representatives for Outside Bodies

Village Hall – Cllr Bowie

Police Liaison – All Cllr Clayton

A249 Action Group  – Cllr. Bowie

Highways – Cllrs. Coles, Bowie, Clayton

KALC – Cllr. Clayton

JPG – Cllr. Bowie

Grants  – All Cllrs

Neighbourhood Watch – All Cllrs.

Parish Communication – Cllrs. Bowie, Finn, Baker-Anderson, Coles

Other Appointments

Internal Auditor – Martin Thomas and Co

External Auditor – Little John

Bank – Cooperative

Solicitor – Gullands