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Committees and Working Groups

Committees & Outside Representatives


Planning Committee

Cllr. Bryant (Chairman)

Cllr. Coles

Cllr. Bowie


Finance Working Group                               

Cllr. Bowie

Cllr Bryant   (Chair)

Cllr Clayton

Open Spaces Working Group

Cllr Coles   (Chair)

Cllr Clayton

Cllr Baker-Anderson

Highways Working Group

Cllr  Bowie

Cllr Clayton (Chair)

Cllr Coles 

Communications Group

Cllr Bowie  ( Lead Cllr)

Cllr Bryant

Cllr Clayton

Cllr Coles 

Representatives for Outside Bodies

Village Hall – Cllr Bryant

Police Liaison – All Cllr Clayton

A249 Action Group  – Cllr. Bowie

KALC – Cllr. Clayton

JPG – Cllr. Bowie

Grants  – All Cllrs

Neighbourhood Watch – All Cllrs.


Other Appointments

Internal Auditor – Martin Thomas and Co

External Auditor – PKF LittleJohn

Bank – Cooperative

Solicitor – Gullands